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Amazon’s Geek Shopping List

In Otacoolism by Andre Bastary1 Comment

Now that we know geeks rule the world, Amazon has an amazing list of gifts for the geeks in your life: See those, how we’re the target audience for gags and practical jokes and then we got manga and anime too. It seems like geeks and otakus are becoming generalized in the same category. Funny eh Truth to be told, …

Andre BastaryAmazon’s Geek Shopping List
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Suzumiya Haruhi, our Melancholic Goddess

In Character, Otacoolism by Andre Bastary5 Comments

What’s so special about Haruhi? She’s pretty much a kami-sama a.k.a. god due to her abilities to create and make things happen out of nothing. For example, she can make everyone repeating the same week again and again without anyone noticing, not even herself, just because she secretly wishes it. Haruhi has a tendency to march forward with her ideas …

Andre BastarySuzumiya Haruhi, our Melancholic Goddess
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Kazuki Takamatsu

In Otacoolism by Andre Bastary11 Comments

Remember about Pop Surrealism? Here are some works of one of my favorite Pop Surrealism artist from Japan, Kazuki Takamatsu:   Takamatsu used a technique called Gouache into an art form with the monochrome colors into jaw-dropping arts. The gradient shows the distance between the audience to the objects. Combination of Japanese style manga with war tools bring about the …

Andre BastaryKazuki Takamatsu
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Hatsune Miku, Humanoid Synthesizer Vocaloid

In Character, Otacoolism by Andre Bastary7 Comments

Who is Hatsune Miku? By now those of you that have been following either the anime industry or synthesizer mania will know. Take a look at an amazing holographic render of Miku singing in front of huge audience in Japan: [youtube=] [polldaddy poll=4754886] Very tricky and amusing, an enhancement of music industry by using human voice embedded in a synthesizer, everyone …

Andre BastaryHatsune Miku, Humanoid Synthesizer Vocaloid
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Visualization of Information, the Future of Data Analysis

In Otacoolism by Andre Bastary9 Comments

During my early days, I always prefer to read something that’s not boring. By that I mean something that has more pictures than text. I love pictures, especially those that are meaningful. Edward Tufte, the Da Vinci of data, provides us with his amazing analysis on how data graphics are something that will help us understand the big picture but …

Andre BastaryVisualization of Information, the Future of Data Analysis
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Pop Surrealism Art

In Otacoolism by Andre Bastary9 Comments

Ahhh, the delicious sight of Mark Ryden‘s art has baptized me into a pop surrealism-ism. Pop surrealism is a name for an underground art movement that was originated in Los Angeles, California back in the 70’s. It’s like finding art in dark places. Roq La Rue is an art gallery that focuses on Pop Surrealism/Underground Contemporary art exhibitions. It’s located in the …

Andre BastaryPop Surrealism Art
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Movies Streaming King

In Otacoolism by Andre Bastary14 Comments

Stream movies online, what is the first thing that come to your mind if I said that? Let me guess, Netflix! By now everyone should now who they are. Especially after I noted previously about how Amazon will replace Netflix soon, but again, this will not be for a while. The biggest movie streaming company is by far the best …

Andre BastaryMovies Streaming King
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Duodecim, Final Fantasies United

In Otacoolism by Andre Bastary1 Comment

Exclusive to PSP, again, Duodecim is the second installment of the Dissidia series. Dissidia is an enactment of good vs bad in the world of Final Fantasy. A classic between night and day, it tells the story of how whenever one side falls, everything will be reenact again in a new cycle. Cosmos, the Goddess of Harmony, and Chaos, the …

Andre BastaryDuodecim, Final Fantasies United
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You are Lightningtorious~!

In Otacoolism by Andre Bastary1 Comment

Who doesn’t know this face, really. Lightning, or Claire Farron, is the main protagonist and the face of Final Fantasy XIII. Anyone who knows anything about RPG has heard of Final Fantasy, and FFXIII was actually pretty disappointing for me in the beginning due to its linear story line. After reaching chapter 10 I actually love it as much as …

Andre BastaryYou are Lightningtorious~!
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PSP was created solely for this…

In Otacoolism by Andre Bastary3 Comments

Okay, okay, I must not forget to mention my favorite PSP game of all time, especially since this is also one of the best games available out there. Can you guess what is it? Haha, of course you can, there’s a big ass poster all around this post. [youtube=] Yes, yes, yes, the game that’s designed in a theme to conquer …

Andre BastaryPSP was created solely for this…