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So, what is Spotify? Another music application out there for me to try and use? Why bother since I’m already using Pandora, right? Well, let’s take a closer look.


The Good: Although only available in US, Pandora provides users with a radio with music that they enjoy the most based on ratings and likeliness of the music type in the list. It’s definitely an amazing online radio that will provide users with a set of new music that you haven’t heard before. It offers unlimited hours that users can hear for free with advertisement in between. Users also can share any radio list with their friends through Facebook and Twitter.

The Bad: Once streamed, it will use the same list randomized. The problem with this is that it will not let users choose what to listen next. It will only generates new stuff if there’s a new music coming in. Or if the users let a new genre or new music comes into the stream. The only way to curate this list is by marking a song good or bad according to one’s taste. For an online music radio that’s been around for 11 years, Pandora hasn’t changed much, and this lack of innovation might just one days kill it.


The Good: A music player, available online or offline depending on users’ music libraries. It will automatically put all of your music in its libraries which you can control and play anytime. It will also allow users to create different playlists with any song that’s available in its libraries, which has more than 13 million songs as of right now. A mixture of any songs can be added in any playlist, and this playlist will then can be easily shared to all of your friends through direct links, Facebook, or Twitter.

The Bad: A playlist can only grow as much as the users let it. Without adding new songs to a playlist, there will be no more new music around. Though Spotify provides the new and hot music available at the moment, it doesn’t really provide the similarity between music, and thus, it’s hard to grow your libraries unless you’re really searching for similar music. Another problem, music that don’t come from where the user’s located at might not be available due to copyrights and legal stuff.


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